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Aurora, Colorado Crime Statistics

This webpage contains crime figures for Aurora, Colorado. You can examine the breakdown of crime by type, changes to crime numbers over time, and see how Aurora compares to similar locations. If you are interested in seeing public records resources for Aurora, Colorado, you can click the Public Records tab at the top.

Total Crime

Between 1999 and 2008 there were 156,938 total crimes reported in Aurora, Colorado (16,994 of them violent). Of the 15,694 crimes that occur a year in Aurora, almost half happen less than a mile from home. On average, someone is a victim of a crime in Aurora, Colorado every 33 minutes. This includes 175 murders, 2,057 rapes, and more than one hundred and sixteen thousand thefts (including 23,518 motor vehicle thefts).

Crime Trends

During the previous 10 years, crime data were available in Aurora, Colorado for all 10 years. Over that interval, reported crime in Aurora decreased by 16 percent. Over that same time frame, violent crime increased by 9 percent. Overall, the crime numbers reveal a gradual decrease in crime over the last 10 years in Aurora. If the current trend continues, predicted crime numbers could fall to fourteen thousand for Aurora, Colorado in 2009.

Crime Trends in Aurora, Colorado (1999-2008)

Remember that these graphs show reported crime figures and some step offs in crime numbers may be the result of changes in reporting, not actual changes in crime rates.

Crime Comparisons

Crime rates per 1,000 population in cities like Aurora, Colorado (1999-2008)

Visitors are cautioned against interpreting ranking data to determine 'how dangerous' a certain location is, as many factors, including episodic events, or differences in crime reporting and methodology can skew rankings. Click on the individual graph bars to see crime figures in these locations.

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Crime Data Information

Aurora, Colorado law enforcement agencies report their statistics to the FBI UCR program. The data reported for Aurora conform to the FBI data quality guidelines. For more information, and a description of the statistical methods and data algorithms used by RecordsPedia, please visit our methodology section.